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S.T.R.E.A.M. Festival

RADAR at the 13th Sound and Music Computing (SMC) conference

The festival will consist of a total of eight concerts, two of which will be lunchtime “loudspeaker concerts” in the new studios at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences at the Finkenau Campus. An international Call for Sonic Works will provide our jury with a pool of works to choose from, to be exhibited at the first of these lunchtime concerts. The second lunchtime concert will be curated by German Society for Electroacoustic Music (DEGEM), whose annual assembly will take place at the same time in Hamburg.

The evening concerts on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are dedicated to ensemble works. The first is a portrait concert of the works of Alexander Schubert performed by Decoder-Ensemble, who is one of their founding members. Thursday will present another opportunity to hear selected music chosen through the call for sonic works; these are to be performed by the Radar-Ensemble. Finally, the concert on Friday will be dedicated to the music of our John Chowning, who will curate the concert himself.

Depending on the technical and conceptual nature of works, they will be performed either by TonArt Ensemble (for improvised music) and Radar Ensemble (for notated scores).


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